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  • EN [ əv]
  • US [ ʌv]

Example sentences

  • The new employees were presented to the rest of the staff.

  • I will run you in if the bus isn't going into the town because of the snow today.

  • The snail left a trail of slime along the floor.

  • Economic conditions may lie responsible for the creation of social unrest.

  • A lie which is half a truth is ever the blackest of lies.

  • From the reports of guns we knew that hunters must be nearby.

  • A squad of our troops held off six attacks of a numerically superior enemy.

  • That face called up in his mind the image of his end wife.

  • They spread a lot of tacky gossip about his love life.

  • His performance at the concert last night proved that he is in the top flight of international pianists.

  • You seem mistrustful even of your friends.

  • The music evoked memories of her youth.

  • The process of adjustment to life in another country can be very difficult.

  • Television allows viewers to experience an event without any loss of immediacy.

  • He gave a snort of derision.

  • A cause of action has accrued when the right to sue has become vested.

  • We found him to be the right sort of timber.

  • The news of rigged ballots has rubbed off much of the shine of their election victory.

  • He volunteered to serve as the manager of our department store.

  • Gold prices are often seen as an indicator of inflation.

  • My mother makes a fuss of me every time I come home.

  • She seems to have camped up at the third act of the play.

  • The conclusion of the movie was anticlimactic.

  • Much of the skin on her arm was abraded.

  • There hangs straight on the wall of this grocery a service pledge.

  • Her comments will add to the uncertainty of the situation.

  • He traded a job in New York City for the life of a cowboy.

  • There are two types of participle in English: the past participle and the present participle.

Phrase collocation

  • be of

    possess intrinsically; give rise to

    • this work is of great interest and value.

  • of all

    denoting the least likely or expected example

    • Jordan, of all people, committed a flagrant foul.

  • of all the nerve(或英 cheek)

    an expression of indignation

  • of an evening (或 morning etc.) informal 非正式

    on most evenings (or mornings etc.)

    at some time in the evenings (or mornings etc.)


  • crate of sand

  • open a can of beans

    • It was I who opened a can of beans.

    • She was one of those people who like opening a can of beans.

  • order of down

    • Has the waitress brought you an order of down?

  • grab a handful of air

    • The trucker grabbed a handful of air suddenly on the cross street.

  • squirrel out of

    • Don't try to squirrel out of it. Go through with it.

  • bit of all right

    • A: " What's she like?" B: "The girl? Bit of all right,from her pictures

  • pile of shit

    • The whole project's a pile of shil.

  • out of ones league

    • The matter's fortunately out of my league.

    • He was so sophisticated,just someone way out of her league.

  • lots of luck

    • Lots of luck in your new job!

    • Think you stand a chance? Lots of luck!

  • for the love of pete

    • I already did it,for the love of Pete!

  • out of it

    • The Hawks are out of it this season.

    • If our team loses two more games, we'll be out of it.

    • He's a nice guy, but he's out of it.

    • Fred is out of it most of the time. He even looks dull.

    • I had been so out of it, I hadn't heard her question.

  • bent out of shape

    • Man, there is no reason to get so bent out of shape. I didn't mean any harm.

    • I got bent out of shape because of maltreatment I received.

    • I was so bent out of shape I thought I'd never recover.

  • make little ones out of big ones

    • He got made little ones out of big ones for two years.

  • bitch of a somebody

    • What a bitch of a day!

    • This is a bitch of a job.

    • He is really a bitch of a boss.

  • crock of shit

    • Who is that crock of shit who brought in the dead eat?

    • You went on vacation and left this office with a real crock of shit.

  • make a monkey of

    • I suddenly realized that I had been made a monkey out of by my opponents.

  • piece of homework

    • Me and my piece of homework want to rent a couple of horses.

  • kiss of death

    • Your attitude was the kiss of death for your employment here.

  • get ones nose out of joint

    • You get your nose out of joint too easily about stuff like that.

    • Now, don't get your nose out of joint.She didn't mean it.


Meaning of of

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Bilingual Reading Of The Day

  • A woman walks into a pet shop and sees a cute little dog. She asks the shopkeeper, "Does your dog bite?"
  • The shopkeeper says, "No, my dog does not bit."
  • The woman tries to pet the dog and the dog bites her.
  • "Ouch!" She says, "I thought you said your dog does not bite!"
  • The shopkeeper replies, "That is not my dog!"
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