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  • EN [ ˈɒnlʊkə(r)]
  • US [ ˈɑnlʊkə(r)]

English definition


  • 1. someone who looks on

Example sentences

  • Then a streak cuts across the sky and an onlooker asks, What the hell is that?

  • We cannot remain a passive onlooker to the hysteric moves of the enemies.

  • The onlooker affirmed the fact to be true.

  • An impartial onlooker must be sought out.

  • An onlooker said:'The little girl was smiling and obviously wanted a cuddle for her picture.

  • In the space of myths, only onlooker knows the secret within, enjoying in the individualistic zone.

  • To sit quietly while the central body of water to an onlooker.

  • I am still an onlooker and my position is privileged.

  • By the time the ambulance arrived, a crowd of onlooker had gathered.

  • As one onlooker said, Chinese believe in rights, and freedom, but not anarchy.

  • Onlooker: I haven't got the patience.

  • His manner is that of an onlooker.

  • So for the onlooker, the player merely repeats himself with each run of the level.

  • He became an onlooker and sat around , waiting with folded arms for victory to come.

  • One onlooker had to be restrained by police.


Meaning of onlooker

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