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  • EN [ əˈpəʊnənt]
  • US [ əˈpoʊnənt]

English definition


  • 1. a contestant that you are matched against

  • 2. someone who offers opposition


  • 1. characterized by active hostility;

    • "opponent (or opposing) armies"

Example sentences

  • Ade had the edge over his opponent.

  • She played badly in the first set, but then she turned the tables on her opponent and won the match.

  • He conceded ten points to his opponent.

  • The judge pronounced for the defendant, and also said that his opponent should pay the court costs.

  • He was calm and concentrated in judging how to defeat his opponent.

  • He buttocked his opponent onto the mat.

  • The boxer was grounded by his opponent.

  • Jim bowed himself out of the competition when he learned who his opponent was.

  • He gave his opponent a good dusting.

  • The boxer polished off his opponent in the first round.

  • His young opponent counters with his left hand.

  • He downed his opponent with three blows.

  • He had a worthy opponent.

  • The Chinese football team outscored its opponent by two balls.

  • In American football, you have to try to bring down your opponent.

  • His eagerness will not avail against the fitness and skill of his opponent.

  • He flattened his opponent.

  • He managed to face down his opponent.

  • Politically, she is a staunch opponent of reform.

  • She shook hands with her victorious opponent.

  • This old fighter has never been knocked down by an opponent.

  • He couldn't make a score off his opponent.

  • The boxer pounded his opponent.

  • In debate he was a formidable opponent.

  • His height gives him an inbuilt advantage over his opponent.

  • The president put the blame squarely on his opponent.

  • I'd always played a defensive game, waiting for my opponent to make a mistake.

  • Not since 1988 had she whitewashed an opponent in her opening match.

  • He prophesied that within five years his opponent would either be dead or in prison.

Synonym discrimination

  • opponent, competitor, enemy, foe, rival


Meaning of opponent

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