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  • EN [ ˈɒptɪk]
  • US [ ˈɑːptɪk]

English definition


  • 1. the organ of sight


  • 1. of or relating to or resembling the eye;

    • "ocular muscles"
    • "an ocular organ"
    • "ocular diseases"
    • "the optic (or optical) axis of the eye"
    • "an ocular spot is a pigmented organ or part believed to be sensitive to light"
  • 2. relating to or using sight;

    • "ocular inspection"
    • "an optical illusion"
    • "visual powers"
    • "visual navigation"

Example sentences

  • What technical references are available in support of the FOXY Fiber Optic Oxygen Sensors?

  • Objective To observe the characteristics of morphosis parameter of optic disc of physiologic large cup.

  • It achieves good performance in nonlinear optic fiber and optical soliton transmission problems.

  • The retina processes theses images into signals that travel through the optic nerve to the brain.

  • METHODS High speed CMOS multiplexer, logic circuits and optic electronic isolation device were used.

  • Methods: The clinical data of 25 cases with optic disc vasculitis were studied.

  • Retinal hemorrhage, and blurring of the optic dise cause visual disturbances.

  • Several problems about multimedia communication on the optic fiber network environment are discussed.

  • Methanol can cause poisoning, systemic acidosis, optic nerve damage and central nervous system ( CNS ) effects.

  • Connections to other continents are made via combination of undersea fiber optic cable and satellite links.

  • Interferometer: Optic compensation RockSolidTM, proprietary vibration interferometer , permanently aligned.

  • The structure of the transmission system in the PFM optic transmitter is designed.

  • To investigate the clinical manifestation and treatment of optic disc vasculitis.

  • Seek the place that treats optic atrophy, urgent urgent!

  • Objective To study the occurrence, courses and prognosis of diabetic optic neuropathy.

  • The reason for this is that the optic nerve is a part of the brain.


Meaning of optic

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