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  • EN [ ɔː(r)]
  • US [ ɔːr]

English definition


  • 1. a state in northwestern United States on the Pacific

  • 2. a room in a hospital equipped for the performance of surgical operations;

    • "great care is taken to keep the operating rooms aseptic"

Example sentences

  • We often read in novels how a seemingly respectable person or family has some terrible secret which has been concealed from strangers for years.

  • The content of a book or document exclusive of prefatory matter, codicils, indexes, or appendices.

  • A minimal error or deviation may result in wide divergence.

  • You needn't puzzle over every single word or phrase in the book.

  • Hamlet is usually played as a sorrowful person who cannot make decisions or take action.

  • Man's life is full of the various good or ill luck.

  • Is it a he or a she?

  • He plays the trumpet or something of the kind.

  • Don't put any more on the cart, or it'll break.

  • A man who always anticipates his income can never save or become rich.

  • The people in the Orient are mainly yellow or brown.

  • Shall we walk round to your aunt's house, or take the car?

  • Are you paid weekly or monthly?

  • He seldom or never drinks.

  • A child has reliance on his or her mother.

  • She landed up in a strange city without any money or friends.

  • A buxom widow must be either married , buried or shut up in a convent.

  • Another five or six yuan will probably be enough.

  • Does this door open inwards or outwards?

  • Or what man of you, if his son asks him for a loaf, will give him a stone?

  • Keep your distance, or I'll shoot!

  • He would not do the work for love or money.

  • You can't tell if it's a man or a woman from handwriting.

  • In time of war the government must have entire disposal ( or disposition ) people and material resources of the state.

  • The store sells big ones, small ones, medium ones, or what have you.

  • Atomic energy has been discovered for many years, but so far it has not been widely used in industry or in our daily life.

  • She seldom or never writes to us.

  • Shall we send him or not?

Phrase collocation

  • or else

  • or so

    (after a quantity) approximately

    • dozen or so people.


  • do or die

    • He has the obsessive do or die attitude.

    • I was determined to get there—do or die.

  • come hell or high water

    • I'll find out come hell or high water.

  • Shit or get off the pot.

    • The union leader wamed that the city had until Feb. 1 to shit or get off the pot.

  • Your place or mine?

    • Your place or mine? It doesn't matter.



Meaning of or

There is relatively little information about or, maybe you can watch a bilingual story to relax your mood, I wish you a happy day!

Bilingual Reading Of The Day

  • A woman walks into a pet shop and sees a cute little dog. She asks the shopkeeper, "Does your dog bite?"
  • The shopkeeper says, "No, my dog does not bit."
  • The woman tries to pet the dog and the dog bites her.
  • "Ouch!" She says, "I thought you said your dog does not bite!"
  • The shopkeeper replies, "That is not my dog!"
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