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English definition


  • 1. heavily burdened with work or cares;

    • "bowed down with troubles"
    • "found himself loaded down with responsibilities"
    • "overburdened social workers"
    • "weighed down with cares"

Example sentences

  • The Chief Inspector disliked being overburdened with insignificant detail.

  • The city's hospitals are overburdened by casualties.

  • The trees are overburdened with fruit.

  • In order to offer my education,my parents are often overburdened with work.

  • The overburdened heart may be carrying an extra pressure or volume load.

  • The ship overburdened with cargoes should not to set sail.

  • And the overburdened syndication market is starting to burst at the seams.

  • She is sometimes portrayed in the media as busy or overburdened and driving a minivan.

  • In an overburdened refrigerator, cooked foods cannot cool to the core as quickly as they must.

  • In short, mass trivial things that life has been offering make life overburdened and overdrawn.

Meaning of overburdened

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