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  • EN [ ˌəʊvəˈləʊd , ˈəʊvələʊd]
  • US [ ˌoʊvərˈloʊd , ˈoʊvərloʊd]

English definition


  • 1. an electrical load that exceeds the available electrical power

  • 2. an excessive burden


  • 1. become overloaded;

    • "The aerator overloaded"
  • 2. fill to excess so that function is impaired;

    • "Fear clogged her mind"
    • "The story was clogged with too many details"
  • 3. place too much a load on;

    • "don't overload the car"

Example sentences

  • A general mechanism of the effect of tensile overload on FCP behaviour is proposed.

  • Don't overload the electrical system by using too many machines at once.

  • So developing the research on the reliability test technology of thermal overload relay has great signifi.

  • Even on the ground, a large flare can overload power grids.

  • The digital screen ( selective part ) of the overload limiter can display the load for each time.

  • No more than 500 milliliters per bottle are used on any child to avoid accidental overload.

  • Well, Monsieur Maire will travel alone and without baggage, in order not to overload the horse?

  • Stress ( Overload ) testing identifies the predicted point of failure where servers fail to handle loads.

  • Power control Box supply stable voltage and current overload, over voltage protected.

  • On the other hand, fatigue and overload are very familiar phenomena.

  • Don't overload your lecture with details that do not bear on the topic under discussion.

  • Overload current is not exceed allowable values.

  • The simplest overload has one argument, the string of text you want to display.

  • This overload applies only to processes with a user interface and, therefore, a message loop.

  • Measures are put forward for increasing overload capacity, dynamic steadiness and insulating strength.

  • Never overload an electrical socket.

  • 57 per cent complained of work overload.

  • Whenever famous actresses get together to make a "woman's film" you can bet on an overload of sentimental mush.

  • The greatest danger is that we simply create information overload for our executives.

  • There is an internal circuit breaker to protect the instrument from overload.

Meaning of overload

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