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  • EN [ peɪl]
  • US [ pel]

English definition


  • 1. a roughly cylindrical that is vessel open at the top

  • 2. the quantity contained in a pail

Example sentences

  • There is a quart of milk left in the pail.

  • The maid plunged the cloth into the pail and cleaned the floor.

  • There was a pail of water on the ground.

  • The water drained out of the hole in the pail.

  • The sway of the pail caused some milk to spill out.

  • She can lift a pail of water from the ground.

  • The boy jarred against a broken metal pail.

  • He kicked over the pail through carelessness.

  • Water spilled from the pail.

  • Throw a pail of water over him - that'll sober him up.

  • After a few games, Balser got out a pail of nuts.

  • He fetched a pail of water.

  • Will someone fetch a pail of water?

  • The pail will hold four gallons.

  • Give the pail a good swill ( out ) .


  • pass in ones dinner pail

    • My godfather recently turned in his dinaer-pail and went to reside with the morning star.


Meaning of pail

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