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  • EN [ ˈpærəmaʊnt]
  • US [ ˈpærəmaʊnt]

English definition


  • 1. having superior power and influence;

    • "the predominant mood among policy-makers is optimism"

Example sentences

  • The interests of the child are paramount.

  • All are learning and perceiving and it is paramount that this be recognized.

  • Helping people see that ROI is bunk in a world where intangibles are paramount.

  • These tests clearly show in coater group drying, is of paramount importance.

  • This is a huge responsibility because human safety must be paramount.

  • The reduction of unemployment should be paramount in the government's economic policy.

  • One tool of paramount importance Meshes is the Extrude command ( EKEY ).

  • Therefore, careful physical examination of the skin is paramount in dermatologic diagnosis.

  • Sterile Cladding For Medical And Food Preparation Areas Where A Sterile Environment Is Paramount.

  • Evolution of the hormonal system is a paramount part of biological ascension.

  • The quality of real - time detector traffic data is paramount for advanced traffic information system and ITS.

  • So selection always was task of paramount importance in the mausoleum construction.

  • Battlefield security during a war campaign is a matter of paramount importance.

  • Despite the streamlining, quality remains paramount in Hallmark management minds.

  • This duty is paramount to all the others.

  • What is paramount is preserving independent, credible news reporting.

  • In all equestrian sports the horse must be considered paramount.

  • VERY IMPORTANT: honoring the development time promised is of paramount importance for me.

  • Agreed after taking over Barcelona first team, Guadiaola the paramount consideration strengthens the defense line.

  • All designs served one purpose, to extol the paramount imperial power to the extreme.

  • This last technology, carbon sequestration, is of paramount importance.

  • CABAL : No, generals, I will not alow that. My survival is paramount.

  • Loyalty is a duty paramount to all others.

  • Truth is of paramount importance.

  • This matter is of paramount importance .

  • She wrote to Paramount Studios and asked if they would audition her.

  • Some of the Government front bench still believe our relationship with the US is paramount.

  • In our work, quality is paramount.

  • Their parents can rest assured that their children's safety will be of paramount importance.

Meaning of paramount

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