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  • EN [ ˈpeɪsti]
  • US [ ˈpeɪsti]

English definition


  • 1. small meat pie or turnover


  • 1. resembling paste in color; pallid;

    • "the looked pasty and red-eyed"
    • "a complexion that had been pastelike was now chalky white"
  • 2. having the properties of glue

Example sentences

  • My complexion remained pale and pasty.

  • Ron Freeman appeared pasty faced and nervous.

  • She rolled the pasty flat.

  • A pasty yellow juice instead of a clear one can be squeezed from strobil.

  • Cornish pasty ( small pie consisting of pastry filled with meat and vegetables )

  • Urine ( white part of droppings ) turns yellow , very pasty, or extremely watery.

  • Further heating turned the liquid into a pasty, gummier good.

  • I've got more than Pasty,'Annie argued.

  • He looked pasty and red - eyed.

  • Then, he the over and over again throws coin, until one pile pasty appeared before him.

  • Chemical Industry: acid, alkali, salt solution, a variety of viscous, pasty emulsion chemical grout.

  • Pasty , doughy. Term applied to some very heavily coloured wines rich in dry extract.

  • I want you to make sure that pasty seamstress stays on our side.

  • The ignition and combustion characteristics of pasty propellant are important parameters for the motor design.

  • LIGHTBROWN , PASTY M, NINA SPADA. How languages are learned [ M ]. London: Oxford University Press 1993.

Meaning of pasty

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