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  • EN [ pɔːz]
  • US [ pɔːz]

English definition


  • 1. a time interval during which there is a temporary cessation of something

  • 2. temporary inactivity


  • 1. interrupt temporarily an activity before continuing;

    • "The speaker paused"
  • 2. cease an action temporarily;

    • "We pause for station identification"
    • "let's break for lunch"

Example sentences

  • A more robust American posture was called for, to give the Kremlin pause.

  • You should pause and ponder now.

  • He started from his instant's pause, and said in a low firm voice, " Not guilty, my Lord. "

  • The Internet is progressing without pause, demanding companies to run 24 hours per day.

  • The burly soldier pause at the foot of the blockhouse.

  • You'll also need to consider how marketable you'll after a pause in your work life.

  • It's an interesting suggestion, but we need a bit longer to give pause to it.

  • Time silent footsteps, not because we have many things to be addressed and Pause briefly.

  • Their pause of applause shall have no excuse.

  • He made a pause and then went on reading.

  • Government sources said there would be no prolonged pause in the war.

  • He came to a pause in reading and then went on reading.

  • His words were followed by a pregnant pause.

  • Let me pause on these matters for a time before I make a decision.

  • All this plethora of sight , and feeling, and thought occurred on the instant . There was no pause of the realities wherein he moved.

  • After a little pause, he went on with his speech.

  • He used such mannerism as " er " and " uh " to fill in a pause.

  • There was a brief pause in the conversation.

  • For a man who held that to take even an ant's life is evil , the offering of a million lives gives one pause.

  • When you've read up to here, you pause.

  • We had to pause frequently for breath.

  • There was a longish pause.

  • After a pause he asked, "You got any identification?"

  • "We need proof, sir." Another pause. Then, "Very well."

  • After a pause Alex said sharply: "I'm sorry if I've upset you"

  • I saw him pause ever so slightly.

  • They pause and chew their pencils.

  • There was a pause while the barmaid set down two plates in front of us.

  • An opposition spokesman said he hoped the agreement would give them pause for thought about the futility of violence.

Phrase collocation

  • give pause to someone (或give pause for thought)

    cause someone to think carefully or hesitate before doing something

    • the sight of these gives any would-be attacker pause for thought.

Synonym discrimination

  • break, rest, pause, interval, recess, cease, stop

  • cease, pause, stop, halt, quit


Meaning of pause

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