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  • EN [ ˈpeɪmənt]
  • US [ ˈpeɪmənt]

English definition


  • 1. a sum of money paid

  • 2. the act of paying money

Example sentences

  • I withheld payment until they had fulfilled the contract.

  • Here's the receipt for half payment on goods.

  • The payment offered to the rank and file is extremely poor.

  • The right to demand payment from the endorser of a commercial paper when the first party liable fails to pay.

  • I gave ten pounds in payment for the goods I bought.

  • Please deliver this package against payment of cost.

  • He crowded the debtor for payment.

  • Payment may be made in annual instalments.

  • He demanded payment of the buyer.

  • Prompt payment of bills is greatly appreciated.

  • After repeated but fruitless demands for payment, he brought a suit against the debtor.

  • The firm was behind time in payment.

  • It is small of her to wish for payment.

  • They give 10 % discount for cash payment.

  • His rent payment is overdue.

  • Payment is due today, but I gave her a week's grace.

  • Only those over 70 are eligible for the special payment.

  • Tenants are jointly and severally liable for payment of the rent.

  • John had taken out redundancy insurance but when he tried to claim, he was refused payment.

  • These returns will not be enough to meet the payment of annual bonuses to policyholders.

  • Defence lawyers have still not agreed to terms for payment of blood money to the victims' families.

  • Once he shows he can be bought, they settle down to a regular payment.

  • We are a professional outfit and we do require payment for our services.

  • The first warning signals came in March when the company defaulted on its initial payment of £30 million.

  • Payment was part and parcel of carrying on insurance business within the UK.

Meaning of payment

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