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  • EN [ ˈpi:kt]
  • US [ pikt, ˈpikɪd]

English definition


  • 1. somewhat ill or prone to illness;

    • "my poor ailing grandmother"
    • "feeling a bit indisposed today"
    • "you look a little peaked"
    • "feeling poorly"
    • "a sickly child"
    • "is unwell and can't come to work"
  • 2. having or rising to a peak;

    • "the peaked ceiling"
    • "the island's peaked hills"

Example sentences

  • His career peaked during the 1970's.

  • The crisis peaked in July 1974.

  • Day by day the disappointed lover peaked and pined.

  • Toy sales peaked just before Christmas and are now decreasing.

  • He took his peaked cap from under his arm with a flourish and pulled it low over his eyes.

  • Temperatures have peaked at over thirty degrees Celsius.

  • She pursed her pretty lips and peaked her eyebrows.

  • The diners too, the most prosperous of Londoners, had a peaked and shabby look.

  • Then the ratio began to increase gradually and peaked at ( 2.87±0.35 ) %.

  • Sales have now peaked and we expect them to decrease soon.

  • The little business Parker had started soon peaked out.

  • Mass participation was a sign that the market had peaked.

  • Despite this, the feeling by many that he has peaked is nonsense.

  • Drag onto the page, then right - click to show peaked roof or sump.

  • Gross retail sales peaked at $ 3.1 billion in 1995 - 96.

Meaning of peaked

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