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  • EN [ ˈpi:nɪs]
  • US [ ˈpinɪs]

English definition


  • 1. the male organ of copulation (`member' is a euphemism)

Example sentences

  • Mounting sexual excitement produces an obvious change in the penis.

  • Methods: Clinical data of 13 cases of penis lymphangioma were analysed retrospectively.

  • Objective To explore the differential diagnosis and management of penis abnormalities in children.

  • The penis is the first to shrivel when it's cold.

  • Objective : To summary the efficiency of the reanastomosis of amputated penis using microscopy.

  • Gabrielle: " It's like my grandmother always said. An erect penis doesn't have a conscious . "

  • Ida is female because she doesn'a baculum, or penis bone.

  • Cutaneous larva migrans of the penis.

  • My penis is the size of a peanut, have you seen it?

  • Some simple pleasuring can then to new arousal and to a new insertion of the penis.

  • When not working on his writing, he engages in conversations with his penis.

  • Red transparent vibrator in the shape of a penis with a full head to indulge her.

  • The thick penis penetrated the woman's wet genitals.

  • The sexually undifferentiated tissue in an embryo that becomes the penis or clitoris.

  • Here's how to avoid penile fracture: don't use your penis too roughly.

  • Q. What did the penis say to the condom? A. Cover me im going in!

  • The penis is usually in a flaccid state.

  • Have you ever had a pimple on your penis? Have you ever had gonorrhea?

  • At orgasm the muscle tension is quickly released; the penis contracts repeatedly, ejaculating semen.

  • Objective : To evaluate the basic principles of surgical correction of concealed penis.

  • The injection of certain drugs into penis itself can produce erection that will last long enough.

  • Conclusion: Penis and testis are good medicative parts for Traditional Chinese Medicine of the Bian.

  • When attached the circumference of the penis cause changes the electrical resistance the mercury column.

  • Degloving injury of the penis from pig bite.

  • Thus in the bull the capacity for erection of the penis precedes the appearance of spermatozoa.

  • The penis and the clitoris are homologous structures.

  • Yes, fine, that is my penis. Can we be grown ups now?

  • Billy and his penis don't deserve you, all right?

Meaning of penis

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