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  • EN [ 'pɜ:tɪnəns]
  • US [ 'pɜtɪnəns]

English definition


  • 1. relevance by virtue of being applicable to the matter at hand

Example sentences

  • I do not see the pertinence of most of this material.

  • The principles include directivity, scientific nature, characteristic, stability, and pertinence.

  • The stress of teaching lies in pertinence, flexibleness, for manipulation and utility.

  • DF media suit is always better than other media with greater pertinence.

  • We confirmed the sensitivity factor through the analysis to data pertinence.

  • The theoretical foundation of the covariance is pertinence of system theory.

  • The contents of legal education should be an unification of catholicity and pertinence.

  • The circuit has the characteristics of strong pertinence, complete test result and simple circuit realization.

  • The choice of the search words has direct influence on the recall factor and pertinence ratio.

  • Function: Promotes permeability of subcutaneous capillaries, reduces local fat with pertinence and tightens the relaxed skin.

  • To strengthen the pertinence of the training is essential for improving training effects.

  • The paper brings forward pertinence control measures for the main stage risk and the transmission risk.

  • This paper discusses the pertinence between information disclosure of environmental expenditure and special industrial company's value.

  • This article strives to reinforce the pertinence and feasibility by integrating theory with practice.


Meaning of pertinence

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