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  • EN [ 'pɪklz]
  • US [ 'pɪklz]

Example sentences

  • Most people eat pickles at breakfast.

  • I want their pickles and wines, and that.'

  • Should pickles and tomatoes go on the same shelf?

  • It was altogether mixed pickles within him, hot and sickly pickles.

  • He sat down and helped himself liberally to cold beef and pickles.

  • She can make jams and pickles.

  • Some pickles are kept in brine.

  • Well, you are a pair of pickles.

  • The Doyle couple put down a good supply of meats, eggs, wine and pickles.

  • Jars of mixed pickles contain gherkins and pieces of cauliflower as well as onions.

  • Pickles are cucumbers preserved in vinegar.

  • Mother made a lot of delicious pickles in winter.

  • W : French fried potatoes a sliced tomato and pickles, sir.

  • The dish was accompanied by a variety of pickles.

  • Food Stuff , Beverages, Rice Aata, Tea, Coffee, Pickles Pickles and Murabba.

Meaning of pickles

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