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  • EN [ plʌs]
  • US [ plʌs]

English definition


  • 1. a useful or valuable quality

  • 2. the arithmetic operation of summing; calculating the sum of two or more numbers;

    • "the summation of four and three gives seven"
    • "four plus three equals seven"


  • 1. on the positive side or higher end of a scale;

    • "a plus value"
    • "temperature of plus 5 degrees"
    • "a grade of C plus"
  • 2. involving advantage or good;

    • "a plus (or positive) factor"

Example sentences

  • What's seventeen plus nine?

  • Work out the full weekly rent, plus your rates.

  • Four plus two equals [ is ] six.

  • The plus sign is used in addition and the minus is used in subtraction.

  • I found myself plus nearly 100 yuan.

  • He has a sense of humour plus tolerance and patience.

  • The bill was $ 10, plus $ 1 for postage.

  • Her previous experience in social work is a plus factor.

  • This work requires intelligence plus experience.

  • He calculated his gains and losses of money and the result was a plus.

  • Three plus three makes six.

  • The government has agreed to take only 150 refugees plus their dependants.

  • Three plus two is five.

  • Nine plus nine equals eighteen.

  • Three plus six makes nine.

  • All the children here are 12 plus.

  • Mrs. Cherry seems altogether weighed down by her work plus parenthood.

  • a pair of plus fours

  • They also publish an excellent cookery book called "The Flavours Of Gujarat" (£2.95, plus £0.25 p & p).

  • French standard time is GMT plus 1 hr.

  • Experience of any career in sales is a big plus.

  • By 1997 or thereabouts Athens will have a new airport, plus the best underground railway in Europe.

  • Send a cheque for £18.99 plus £2 for postage and packing.

  • My salary was around £9,000 plus a car and expenses.

  • He had an office big enough for his desk and chair, plus his VDU.

  • The aircraft was subjected to temperatures of minus 65 degrees and plus 120 degrees.


Meaning of plus

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