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  • EN [ pɔː(r)]
  • US [ pʊr]

English definition


  • 1. moderate to inferior in quality;

    • "they improved the quality from mediocre to above average"
    • "he would make a poor spy"
  • 2. deserving or inciting pity;

    • "a hapless victim"
    • "miserable victims of war"
    • "the shabby room struck her as extraordinarily pathetic"- Galsworthy
    • "piteous appeals for help"
    • "pitiable homeless children"
    • "a pitiful fate"
    • "Oh, you poor thing"
    • "his poor distorted limbs"
    • "a wretched life"
  • 3. having little money or few possessions;

    • "deplored the gap between rich and poor countries"
    • "the proverbial poor artist living in a garret"
  • 4. characterized by or indicating lack of money;

    • "the country had a poor economy"
  • 5. low in degree;

    • "expectations were poor"
  • 6. badly supplied with desirable qualities or substances;

    • "a poor land"
    • "the area was poor in timber and coal"
    • "food poor in nutritive value"
  • 7. not sufficient to meet a need;

    • "an inadequate income"
    • "a poor salary"
    • "money is short"
    • "on short rations"
    • "food is in short supply"
    • "short on experience"
  • 8. unsatisfactory;

    • "a poor light for reading"
    • "poor morale"
  • 9. yielding little by great labor;

    • "a hardscrabble farm"
    • "poor soil"

Example sentences

  • The poor man received a savage beating from the thugs.

  • She dressed down to visit her poor relatives, so as not to offend them by a show of her wealth.

  • Public general hospital originated in the almshouse infirmaries established as early as colonial times by local governments to care for the poor.

  • The poor boy smelled the delicious odour of cooked meat.

  • Even optimists admit the outlook to be poor.

  • But he had never imagined she was so poor and he couldn't squeeze anything out of her.

  • The poor woman is reduced to begging.

  • The usurer squeezed the poor people.

  • The poor child was petrified with fear.

  • Poor organization was certainly a contributory factor to the crisis.

  • He is poor but not abject in his manner.

  • I hope you're not overworking that poor boy.

  • Look at that poor little child.

  • The poor election results confounded the government.

  • The kind old lady offered to take in the poor homeless stranger.

  • The money is to be used for the benefit of the poor.

  • The pilot homed in by means of radar, despite the poor visibility.

  • The village used to be poor.

  • The poor is ailing from inflation.

  • He comes of poor parents.

  • Poor child, I hate to leave you like that.

  • The poor girl loves him yet.

  • The poor has nowhere to live.

  • The poor fox escaped from the trap at the cost of a leg.

  • My first attempt at English composition was poor.

  • The film showed life in the poor areas with great reality.

  • Wealth needs to be redistributed from the rich to the poor.

  • Overcrowding and poor sanitary conditions led to disease in the refugee camps.

  • disease resulting from poor sanitation

Phrase collocation

  • (as) poor as a church mouse (或 as church mice)

    extremely poor

  • poor little rich boy (或 girl)

    a wealthy young person whose money brings them no contentment (often used as an expression of mock sympathy)

  • the poor man's —

    an inferior or cheaper substitute for the thing specified

    • corduroy has always been the poor man's velvet.

  • poor relation

    a person or thing that is considered inferior or subordinate to others of the same type or group

    • for many years radio has been the poor relation of the media.

  • take a poor view of

    regard with disfavour or disapproval

Synonym discrimination

  • bad, evil, ill, poor, wicked


Meaning of poor

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