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  • EN [ ˈpɒpkɔːn]
  • US [ ˈpɑːpkɔːrn]

English definition


  • 1. corn having small ears and kernels that burst when exposed to dry heat

  • 2. small kernels of corn exploded by heat

Example sentences

  • Happiness is having enough money for the movie, popcorn and a chocolate bar.

  • Mama : Will you buy me a popcorn?

  • Once heated, this kind of popcorn, sold in the supermarkets, will expand.

  • Next up we went to a classic car show downtown and to The Popcorn Museum.

  • I'd like a medium popcorn and large Coke.

  • This kind rice has distinctive sweet smell, be like popcorn flavour, flower flavour, sweet - scented osmanthus flavour.

  • Biscuits, crackers and popcorn are the biggest carriers.

  • I like to eat popcorn when I am watching TV play at home.

  • There are different ways to dry and store popcorn for future use.

  • Burn popcorn in the microwave.

  • Mothers were enlisted to bake cookies and brownies, make popcorn balls and candy apples.

  • I'd like a large popcorn with butter.

  • Well, imagine no and bring on the popcorn.

  • LL: My stomach hurts . I think I went overboard with the popcorn.

  • At the Water Cube, lines of tourists queue up for ice cream and popcorn.

  • The popcorn is made from corn.

  • A : Excuse me, could you tell me where the popcorn stand is?

  • This among them, green line network, popcorn net waits to be answered actively from Beijing Hangzhou.

  • Can popcorn be health food?

  • Do you want butter on your popcorn?

  • Do you remember the last of the popcorn we ate?

  • A half pound of glazed and grilled ribs and our signature popcorn shrimp.

  • By the time I returned with a bowl of popcorn, my son had ciphering.

  • Popcorn and cokes beneath the stars became champagne and caviar.

  • Get your popcorn ready, it's going to be fun to watch.

  • Popcorn became a staple at movie theaters during the Great Depression.

  • Molly: I would like two candy bars, a large popcorn and a drink.

  • a paper cone full of popcorn

Meaning of popcorn

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