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  • EN [ pɔː(r)]
  • US [ pɔːr]

English definition


  • 1. any tiny hole admitting passage of a liquid (fluid or gas)

  • 2. any small opening in the skin or outer surface of an animal

  • 3. a minute epidermal pore in a leaf or stem through which gases and water vapor can pass


  • 1. direct one's attention on something;

    • "Please focus on your studies and not on your hobbies"

Example sentences

  • In trying to pick a way through today's financial crisis, there are plenty to pore over.

  • SRCC between SBB and sieve pore bug ( SPB, M. cribraria ) was 0.408.

  • Experimental procedure for determining pore size distribution of porous materials by bubbling test is described.

  • It will take several more months to pore through the volumns of documents.

  • He was sweating at every pore.

  • Depositional environment and characteristics were preconditions of pore development, and diagenesis decided petrophysical property.

  • Of pore silica gel, calcination temperature should not exceed 200 ℃.

  • Effects of phosphorus slag on strength and pore structure of cement paste were studied.

  • Constringe pore, restrain skin and get rid of the scars of acne.

  • Underground water consists of Quaternary pore water, bedrock fissure water and water in structure zones.

  • What method can let the pore decrescent on the face, the face changes look very exquisite?

  • That can pass through a given pore size.

  • In order to develop our power industry, we must produce more and pore powerful generators.

  • Adopt elastomer polymer emulsion into cement mortar, can formation no continuous pore concrete.

  • Advantages of pore structure are developed, specific surface, strong adsorption, Yin force, chemical layer, stable performance.

  • Basing on the scanning , density damage increment, pore damage increment and total damage increment are defined.

  • Porous starch owned better stability of adsorption than native starch because of pore structure.

  • Improve senescence of skin, keep skin wet and pinch pore. Relaxation.

  • The control of pore parameters on permeability of carbonate rocks is further discussed.

  • The results that as the content of the cell opener increased the pore diameter becomes larger.

  • Rock pore pressure and fracture pore pressure will fall in recovery process. The rock mass shrinks.

  • If you suspicion, from the view of value to the pore of skin, both exist bifurcation.

  • I see him chafe and fret at every pore.

  • Waves of misery penetrated every pore.

  • It will take several more months to pore through the volumes of documents.

  • She oozes sexuality from every pore.

Meaning of pore

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