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  • EN [ paʊt]
  • US [ paʊt]

English definition


  • 1. a disdainful pouting grimace

  • 2. marine eellike mostly bottom-dwelling fishes of northern seas

  • 3. catfish common in eastern United States


  • 1. be in a huff and display one's displeasure;

    • "She is pouting because she didn't get what she wanted"
  • 2. make a sad face and thrust out one's lower lip;

    • "mop and mow"
    • "The girl pouted"

Example sentences

  • Before an instruction is executed, it is first retrieved from main memory and pout a register.

  • Tip me up and pout me out.

  • Her mouth held its usual pout.

  • Today, under the sky with intermittent rain, God seemed to pout, looked gloomy.

  • She looked at her lover with a pretentious pout.

  • You better watch out, you better not cry! You better not pout, I'm telling you why.

  • They mince and prim and pout.

  • Tonight, you can watch the women figure skaters pout and preen their way to the medals.

  • She shot me a reproachful pout.


Meaning of pout

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