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  • EN [ preˈstiːʒ]
  • US [ preˈstiːʒ]

English definition


  • 1. a high standing achieved through success or influence or wealth etc.;

    • "he wanted to achieve power and prestige"

Example sentences

  • Their products enjoy ever higher prestige in the world market.

  • Remarkable quality has good prestige.

  • Your maker's argument without reason also harm their prestige early settlement request under original term.

  • The contract will affect our national prestige in the world.

  • First, the sound power and prestige.

  • The publication of several significant books contributed to his prestige as a distinguished scholar.

  • But it's known to all yours is a great company of high prestige.

  • This is especially fierce among Asian national champions, for which prestige plays a big role.

  • How to wash the Kuang prestige colored canvas shoe to be able not fall the color?

  • Doctors have suffered a loss of prestige following a spate of scandals.

  • Is, as Mr. Nixon said, our prestige at an all the time high?

  • Is, as Mr. Nixon said, our prestige at an all time high?

  • We inquired that company confirmed they have the competitive power, and the prestige is good.

  • The Key to run a school well lies in the presidents prestige.

  • The pivot rupture has also seriously harmed the social prestige of this tipper production factory.

  • How has the very high prestige to translate quite officially?

  • GS: What are the new races and prestige classes? What about new items and weapons?

  • Only when a brand represents the prestige of being the minority, can it become fashion.

  • Jieshi Town can obtain the highest prestige is the famous everywhere Xuanwu mountain breeze scenic area.

  • This is matchable to few nowadays and his not and wealth has won him more prestige.

  • We have appraised to be a enterprise take the contract first , on the prestige.

  • We assure you that you'll like the satisfactory service and prestige stressed By our company.

  • He has high prestige among the masses.

  • He is a scientist of high prestige.

  • There is a lot of prestige attached to owning a car like this.

  • As the president's prestige continues to fall, they're clearly beginning to consider him a liability.

  • It was his responsibility for foreign affairs that gained him international prestige.

  • Their prestige went sky high.

Meaning of prestige

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