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  • EN [ prɪm]
  • US [ prɪm]

English definition


  • 1. assume a prim appearance;

    • "They mince and prim"
  • 2. contract one's lips;

    • "She primmed her lips after every bite of food"
  • 3. dress primly


  • 1. affectedly dainty or refined

  • 2. exaggeratedly proper;

    • "my straitlaced Aunt Anna doesn't approve of my miniskirts"

Example sentences

  • You can't tell that joke to her she's much too prim and proper.

  • Priscilla, you're being altogether too prim and proper.

  • He wore prim suits with neckties set primly against the collar buttons of his white shirts.

  • It was a strange conjunction — the prim serious young Queen and the elderly, cynical Whig.

  • To me he looked to be sixty or seventy and excessively prim.

  • Those young ladies are much too prim and proper to enjoy such a rude joke.

  • The Prim Minister made a powerful speech which brought the house down.

  • Those young ladies are much prim and proper to enjoy a rude joke.

  • Prim algorithm to find shortest path in graph complete source code, has been tested.

  • They mince and prim.

  • May is always prim and proper.

  • He is prim and precise in manner.

  • If I storefront things prim, those women people won't produce interest to these things.

  • Meg is so prim she won't let me speak to him when we pass.

  • Don't invite her to the party. She's so prim and proper.

  • They mince and prim and pout.

  • With a coordinated skirt, they might seem too prim over matching can be a trap.

  • He wore prim suits with neckties set primly collar buttons of his white shirts.

  • She's too prim to enjoy rude jokes!

  • But for all her modesty and restraint, she was not prim.

  • She's much too prim and proper to enjoy such a rude joke.

  • Even Mr. Fleagle stopped two or three times to hold back a small prim smile.

  • You can't tell her that joke—she's much too prim and proper .

  • We tend to imagine that the Victorians were very prim and proper.

  • On her blonde wavy hair, the white hat looked nicely prim.

Meaning of prim

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