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  • EN [ prəˈməʊʃənl]
  • US [ prəˈmoʊʃənl]

English definition


  • 1. of or relating to serving as publicity;

    • "promotional fares"
  • 2. of or relating to advancement;

    • "promotional exams"

Example sentences

  • Led Torch , Head Light, Keychain, Drink Promotional Items, Laser Pointer, Medical Products Emergency Lights.

  • Jerri and Dave are discussing a promotional campaign for their products.

  • It also organised promotional activities in Chongqing and Ningxia.

  • MARIA : That's right. I was helping to put together the promotional literature.

  • To enjoy the offer , members have to redemption requests within promotional period.

  • Outset ( Outset ): The folded section or item of promotional material wrapped round the host section.

  • Thus, while scorching summer, series of promotional activities will be increasing.

  • The admen are using balloons as promotional materials.

  • Please present promotional materials with barcode for donation any Hong Kong.

  • Extra expenses for marketing or promotional materials would need to be approved in advance.

  • In the northern Colonies, for example the promotional efforts the Anglican Church met with strenuous resistance.

  • In addition, glazing technology with more of a and magazine covers, business promotional samples.

  • Print and recorded promotional materials of SparrowHawk APV Gyroplanes.

  • Many promotional errors could have been averted had this warning been heeded.

  • This report does not constitute certification or consultation, nor should it be used for promotional purposes.

  • Packaging is an important part of the product entity, an enterprise developing promotional tools.

  • Start a file on each of your competitors; include advertising, promotional materials, and pricing strategies.

  • Best Impressions is your source for specialty advertising products and promotional merchandise for your company.

  • Eighth, mail order promotional materials are becoming a business card printing and membership card making.

  • Our staff produced promotional brochures.

  • This will give your promotional material individuality and style.

  • Some companies have toned down the claims on their promotional literature.

  • You can use the logo in all your promotional material.

  • In a bold promotional stunt for the movie, he smashed his car into a passing truck.

Meaning of promotional

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