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  • EN [ ˈprɒmlɡeɪt]
  • US [ ˈprɑːmlɡeɪt]

English definition


  • 1. state or announce;

    • "`I am not a Communist,' " he exclaimed
    • "The King will proclaim an amnesty"
  • 2. put a law into effect by formal declaration

Example sentences

  • Article 34 The Ministry Finance shall promulgate regulations governing the books of account and documentary evidence.

  • Our group especially promulgate the most novel production with modern design elements for you in 2007.

  • The school shall erect regulations to implement gender equity education, and promulgate them.

  • In order to regulate franchise effectively, western countries have promulgate special laws.

  • To promulgate the belief that marketing is something that only salespeople do is exceedingly dangerous.

  • Corporations must manage, promulgate and dispose the information resource via new technology because of drastic competition.

  • China should promulgate Law on State Immunity and make clear restrictive immunity.

  • Of this one standard promulgate for green food open up a new development scope of operation.

  • The school shall prescribe and promulgate prevention and handling regulations for the aforesaid regulations.

  • But China doesn " t promulgate formal EPS standard. Now we only have the opinion draft. "

  • All the governments promulgate related laws and regulations and wage special striking actions every year.

  • As for college library, it is important to uphold right humane notion and promulgate its spirit.

  • The king promulgate a decree.

  • We may find several from the Holy Bible to promulgate this truth the place.

  • The client may just operate the web page to promulgate information in foregrounding.


Meaning of promulgate

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