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  • EN [ ˈpruːdnt]
  • US [ ˈpruːdnt]

English definition


  • 1. careful and sensible; marked by sound judgment;

    • "a prudent manager"
    • "prudent rulers"
    • "prudent hesitation"
    • "more prudent to hide than to fight"
  • 2. showing wise self-restraint in speech and behavior especially in preserving prudent silence;

    • "maintained a prudent silence"

Example sentences

  • A bank must establish an image that is both secure and prudent.

  • Our direction and tasks will remain unchanged, though we will be more prudent in our work.

  • Because his judgement was prudent, his insights were central to any consultation.

  • It is prudent to for success , for moderate success as well as for failure.

  • A prudent man saves part of his wages.

  • Prudent is wisdom in everyday life.

  • Every prudent man acts out of knowledge, but a fool exposes his folly.

  • Be modest and prudent, never lag behind!

  • A prudent man keeps his knowledge to himself , but the heart of fools blurts out folly.

  • A prudent traveller never disparages his own country.

  • A course of action, guiding principle, or procedure considered expedient, prudent, or advantageous.

  • Mrs. Dashwood was prudent enough to remain at the cottage without attempting a removal to Delford.

  • Now therefore , O kings, be prudent ; Take the admonition, O judges of the earth.

  • Prudent man always fits his standard of living to his budget.

  • However, it is always easy to make a prudent and satisfying choice.

  • He had always been modest and prudent and remained so after he had become famous.

  • A prudent builder should forecast how long the stuff is like to last.

  • These recommendations are prudent measures which can limit the spread of many communicable diseases, including influenza.

  • We must always remain modest and prudent.

  • A fool shows his annoyance a prudent man overlooks an insult.

  • Let us be neither prudes nor prudent men nor prudhommes.

  • We should be modest and prudent, guard against arrogance and rashness, and serve the people heart and soul.

  • House and wealth are inherited from parents, but a prudent wife is from the LOAD.

  • It might be more prudent to get a second opinion before going ahead.

  • The president of the Republic oscillated between a certain audacity and a prudent realism.

  • Tone down your kamikaze tendencies and take more prudent risks.

  • Prudent people are not going to take a leap in the dark.

Synonym discrimination

  • careful, cautious, attentive, prudent


Meaning of prudent

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