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  • EN [ ˌpʌblɪˈkeɪʃn]
  • US [ ˌpʌblɪˈkeɪʃn]

English definition


  • 1. a copy of a printed work offered for distribution

  • 2. the act of issuing printed materials

  • 3. the business of publishing

Example sentences

  • In 1998, CIW turned into a semiweekly publication.

  • The publication of the new dictionary is one of the cultural event of the year.

  • Be conscientious and make a good job of publication.

  • To the best of our knowledge the information contained in this publication is accurate.

  • Which publication resources will you use as governor to successfully participate in Rotary Foundation programs?

  • This form should not be used for publication, arts or research related requests.

  • Publication of the paper discontinued.

  • They voted that the publication of the journal be continued.

  • The magazine started [ began ] ( its ) publication in January, 1927.

  • When a manuscript has been accepted for publication, it is passed to an editor for detailed scrutiny.

  • The publication of my first book was an auspicious beginning of my career.

  • They don't think this article is suitable for publication.

  • The publication comes as the answer to an acute demand.

  • This book is ready for publication.

  • He superintended the publication of a score of good plays.

  • This manuscript is so good that it deserves publication.

  • I have ground out some verses , which, I'm afraid, are too mediocre to appear in your publication.

  • The government has delayed publication of the trade figures.

  • Publication dates are given in brackets after each title.

  • the publication of his first novel

  • The publication of his collected poems was approaching the status of an event.

  • There is usually a time lapse between receipt of new information and its publication.

  • The Tundra Times, a weekly newspaper in Alaska, ceased publication this week.

  • He said that publication of the information was a serious error in judgment.

  • He saw the publication of this book as an embarrassing invasion of his privacy.

  • The guide is being translated into several languages for publication near Christmas.

  • The company already has around four score titles commissioned and planned for publication.

  • Three editors handled the work of revising the articles for publication.

  • He can find no trace of a rule requiring research to be vetted before publication.

  • He knew about the interview prior to its publication and had actually previewed the piece.

Synonym discrimination

  • magazine, journal, periodical, publication, newspaper, review, press

Meaning of publication

There is relatively little information about publication, maybe you can watch a bilingual story to relax your mood, I wish you a happy day!

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