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  • EN [ pəˈsjuː]
  • US [ pərˈsuː]

English definition


  • 1. carry out or participate in an activity; be involved in;

    • "She pursued many activities"
    • "They engaged in a discussion"
  • 2. follow in or as if in pursuit;

    • "The police car pursued the suspected attacker"
    • "Her bad deed followed her and haunted her dreams all her life"
  • 3. go in search of or hunt for;

    • "pursue a hobby"
  • 4. carry further or advance;

    • "Can you act on this matter soon?"

Example sentences

  • We will not pursue the subject.

  • With power and to spare we must pursue the tottering foe.

  • WANG Shi Rong keep illegal users of the right to pursue legal liability.

  • Most important, the basic naoscience must be forthcoming to identify worthwhile nanotechnologies to pursue.

  • From to realistic condition detesting and rejecting, then pursue mind abyss strange pleasure.

  • We prefer action at the UN but we are also ready to pursue measures at Union.

  • He began to pursue an easy and comfortable life.

  • Foxes, wild cats and other animals pursue the hare.

  • He is desperate to pursue his vocation as an artist.

  • The paparazzi pursue Armani wherever he travels.

  • There is another avenue to pursue — it involves further negotiations.

  • It became harder for women married to diplomats to pursue their own interests.

  • The woman who is brave enough to pursue her own path must prepare herself for a rough ride.

  • They pursue other birds, forcing them to disgorge the fish they have caught.

  • His deal with Disney will run out shortly, freeing him to pursue his own project.

  • How much longer does the independent prosecutor have a mandate to pursue this investigation?

  • She had come to England to pursue an acting career.

  • Students may pursue research in any aspect of computational linguistics.

  • After university she was still undecided as to what career she wanted to pursue.

  • The government will be free to pursue its economic policies.

  • They expressed the hope that he would pursue a neutral and balanced policy for the sake of national concord.

  • The implication seems to be that it is impossible to pursue economic reform and democracy simultaneously.

  • They are showing a marked disinclination to pursue these opportunities.

  • He said Japan would continue to pursue the policies laid down at the London summit.

Synonym discrimination

  • pursue, follow, chase, hunt, trace, track, trail



Meaning of pursue

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