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  • EN [ kwɒ'dru:plɪkɪt]
  • US [ kwɒ'druplɪkɪt]

English definition


  • 1. any four copies; any of four things that correspond to one another exactly;

    • "it was signed in quadruplicate"


  • 1. reproduce fourfold;

    • "quadruplicate the bill"


  • 1. having four units or components;

    • "quadruple rhythm has four beats per measure"
    • "quadruplex wire"

Example sentences

  • Please fill out this form in quadruplicate.

  • Please submit your application form in quadruplicate.

  • Please send us as soon as possible your program invoice, in quadruplicate.

  • We are sending you our blank proforma invoice in quadruplicate.

  • This form is to be submitted in quadruplicate.

  • Please fill out this in quadruplicate.

  • It was signed in quadruplicate.

  • The letter was typed in quadruplicate.

  • Type ( in quadruplicate ), please.

  • The Invoice be printed In quadruplicate.

  • Packing List quadruplicate, stating commodity name, quantity, specification, unit price, gross weight, net weight, packing number.

  • This Contract is made out in English in quadruplicate and each Party shall hold two copies.

  • As requested, we are sending you herewith our Proforma Invoice No.190 in quadruplicate for shirts.

  • This Supplementary Agreement shall be in quadruplicate, and either party shall keep two copies.

  • Signed commercial invoice in quadruplicate showing a deduction of USD 141.00 being ORC charges.

Phrase collocation

  • in quadruplicate

    in four identical copies

Meaning of quadruplicate

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