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  • EN [ kweɪk]
  • US [ kweɪk]

English definition


  • 1. shaking and vibration at the surface of the earth resulting from underground movement along a fault plane of from volcanic activity


  • 1. shake with fast, tremulous movements;

    • "His nostrils palpitated"
  • 2. shake with seismic vibrations;

    • "The earth was quaking"

Example sentences

  • The pressure was on us from the public to do an appeal for the quake.

  • Thougn Mr Li was visiting cities worst hit by the quake, he survived luckily.

  • No quake with a Richter scale reading of over 9.0 has been recorded.

  • Indonesian authorities issued a tsunami warning shortly after the quake but it was later canceled.

  • The USGS earlier measured the quake at 5.7 magnitude at a depth of 2.2 miles.

  • The 7.8 magnitude quake struck on Monday , at 1428 local time ( 0628 GMT ).

  • The quake had not damaged everything.

  • In the days that followed, he was frequently shown hugging quake victims and promising government aid.

  • China's Seismological Bureau said the quake affected more than half the country's provinces and municipalities.

  • After the quake, the disaster area got helps and aids from the rest of the country.

  • Wen was visiting cities worst hit by the quake , including Dujiangyan, Deyang and Mianzhu.

  • Roads to Wenchuan County , epicenter of the quake, were blocked by fallen rocks and debris.

  • The earth suddenly began to quake.

  • Persecuting quake victims and their relatives adds cruel insult to grievous injury.

  • The vibrations accompanying the rebound are the earth quake.

  • Spencer was joined by a curious colleague, and they both as the egg began to quake.

  • Meteorological Agency official Takashi Yokota warned of possible aftershocks from Thursday's quake.

  • After a quake, you know you can count emergency food supply.

  • A magnitude 4 quake is capable of producing moderate damage.

  • At least some of them are expected to visit areas destroyed by the quake.

  • The network was broadcasting the World Series from Candlestick Park when the quake struck.

  • Most of the wreckage from the 1985 quake has been cleared.

  • Social phobics quake at the thought of meeting strangers.

  • The quake destroyed mud buildings in many remote villages.


Meaning of quake

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