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Example sentences

  • The workmen quarried out a huge block of marble.

  • The large limestone caves are also quarried for cement.

  • He quarried in his old manuscripts.

  • In other locations it may be quarried granite or fired brick.

  • Near Beijing the wall is constructed from quarried limestone blocks.

  • For example, near Beijing the wall is constructed from quarried limestone blocks.

  • The hills are largely carboniferous limestone, which is quarried at several sites.

  • Use of secondary aggregates , in quarried minerals, in civil construction is commonplace.

  • When Kaolin is quarried , it is washed down by stream.

  • He quarried in various books for scientific basis.

  • Copenhagen quarried the capital of Denmark in 1445.

  • The Therme Vals is built from layer upon layer of locally quarried Valser Quarzite slabs.

  • Tonnage of white flecked stone quarried in Spain and finished in Italy: 430 tons.

  • Taking the slapstick route, he quarried for bits and shticks, not archetypes and myths.

  • They quarried the land industriously.

Meaning of quarried

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