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  • EN [ kwɪt]
  • US [ kwɪt]

English definition


  • 1. put an end to a state or an activity;

    • "Quit teasing your little brother"
  • 2. give up or retire from a position;

    • "The Secretary fo the Navy will leave office next month"
    • "The chairman resigned over the financial scandal"
  • 3. go away or leave

  • 4. turn away from; give up;

    • "I am foreswearing women forever"
  • 5. give up in the face of defeat of lacking hope; admit defeat;

    • "In the second round, the challenger gave up"

Example sentences

  • It takes gumption to quit a good paying job.

  • His wife has left him but he is glad to be quit of her.

  • We're quit of all our difficulties.

  • He quit his job and struck out on his own as a publisher.

  • Show some spunk . Quit pretending you're being abused.

  • A note of quit lay on the desk of the manager.

  • He quit Barcelona for Paris.

  • If I don't get a pay rise I'll quit.

  • The boss told him " Quit wasting time! Fish or cut bait.

  • I'm going to quit next week.

  • It's much easier to get into a habit than quit it.

  • I got my present job when I quit the army.

  • She was unable to hold her own, and she had to quit.

  • " We have a mission to perform . Quit pretending . " cried he angrily.

  • We have had notice to quit.

  • We are glad to be quit off all the difficulties.

  • If I don't get more money I'll quit.

  • Quit roughhousing, you two!

  • A nicotine spray can help smokers quit the habit without putting on weight.

  • Now, Bert, quit hogging the limelight.

  • He quit the sport when he realised he didn't have the killer instinct.

  • Well, parenthetically, I was trying to quit smoking at the time.

  • She quit school as soon as she had taken her GCSEs.

  • The Prime Minister refused to be put out to grass. Asked if he would quit, he replied: "The answer is No".

  • Police were called when he refused to quit the building.

  • "Are there any signs that he may quit soon?" — "Quite the contrary."

  • He quit in 1981—had a spotty political career.

  • It's not easy to quit smoking cigarettes.

  • He made the unfortunate mistake of promising he would quit if the budget deficit was still out of control.

  • When are you going to quit acting like a martyr?

Phrase collocation

  • quit hold of

    (archaic)let go of

Synonym discrimination

  • cease, pause, stop, halt, quit

  • depart, leave, go, start, quit, set out


Meaning of quit

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