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  • EN [ ræˈpɔ:(r)]
  • US [ ræˈpɔr, -ˈpor, rə-]

English definition


  • 1. relation of mutual understanding or trust and agreement between people

  • 2. a feeling of sympathetic understanding

  • 3. sympathetic compatibility

Example sentences

  • Keep good rapport with all staff.

  • A common interest in gardening brought Molly and Loretta into closer rapport.

  • She has an excellent rapport with her staff.

  • The actor developed a close rapport with his audience.

  • We ask the Lord to grant us good fellowship and candid rapport.

  • The use of eye contact in building attraction and rapport was amazing.

  • But only this course can marshal our resources, meet global realities and maintain domestic rapport.

  • He is oversensitive – it's difficult to establish a rapport with him.

  • I did not refuse the Juve job and the rapport between us remains splendid.

  • His fluent Japanese has helped him build a rapport with Japanese companies.

  • Rapport to most of us is less important than performance.

  • The course teaches multiple Methods: To establish and strengthen trust and rapport.

  • Les hommes politiques font du rattrapage acc é l é r é par rapport aux patrons.

  • We had a good rapport and we got on fantastically.

  • The fractionate QUICKLY from SUPERFICIAL to DEEP communication ( deep rapport ).

  • Mutual attraction or sympathy; rapport.

  • If you can have rapport with yourself, you can have rapport with anyone else.

  • He is in rapport with his pupils.

  • He had never quarreled openly with Roosevelt but never felt a moment of rapport.

  • Fractionate from C & F to SUPERFICIAL communication ( light rapport ).

  • Ms Bachelet's warm rapport with voters made her a good campaigner.

  • Through this discussion you establish rapport and we build a relationship.

  • She understood the importance of establishing a close rapport with clients.

  • You have an intellectual rapport, a kind of easy companionship that makes me really jealous.

  • He said he wanted "to establish a rapport with the Indian people"

  • If you have a good rapport with a dealer, they will always let you have first refusal on anything interesting.


Meaning of rapport

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