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  • EN [ ˈræʃnəl]
  • US [ ˈræʃnəl]

English definition


  • 1. consistent with or based on or using reason;

    • "rational behavior"
    • "a process of rational inference"
    • "rational thought"
  • 2. of or associated with or requiring the use of the mind;

    • "intellectual problems"
    • "the triumph of the rational over the animal side of man"
  • 3. capable of being expressed as a quotient of integers;

    • "rational numbers"
  • 4. having its source in or being guided by the intellect (distinguished from experience or emotion);

    • "a rational analysis"

Example sentences

  • A rational the establishment of human society is against the intrusion of natural disasters including disease.

  • Rational and effective measures will be taken to expand education loans remarkably.

  • The first is to rectify value direction and establish the correct and rational ethics ideas.

  • Practice proved that the option on electromechanical equipment for Letan hydropower station was rational.

  • Leadership is mastering beacons and grasp the rudder and rational management, enterprise can developing smoothly.

  • Yet experimental design, like proving a theorem, is a highly rational procedure.

  • If we can still be rational and logic in romance, indeed , its realness should be questioned.

  • Through these four areas, to achieve a systematic, comprehensive rational purpose of ideological and political work.


  • And the relationship between the arms, be rational and scientific analysis.

  • Grasp the type of the great procedure and rational application.

  • OBJECTIVE : To offer references for clinical rational use of patent drugs.

  • Rational product design, sophisticated production equipment, advanced manufacturing processes and improve the quality the system.

  • Man is a rational being.

  • It was a rational plan and bound to succeed.

  • The reasoning seems rational.

  • There is no rational explanation for his actions.

  • All your arguments presuppose that he's a rational, intelligent man.

  • The arrangement presumes that both lenders and borrowers are rational.

  • He was rational and consistent in the conduct of his affairs.

  • She was of a rational turn of mind.

  • Did he come across as a sane rational person?

  • The alphabet might be more rational if all the vowels came first.

  • Priestley's rational outlook in science carried over to religion.

  • Is this a rational thing to expect of your partner, or not?

Synonym discrimination

  • rational, reasonable, sensible


Meaning of rational

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