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  • EN [ ˈriːznəbl]
  • US [ ˈriːznəbl]

English definition


  • 1. showing reason or sound judgment;

    • "a sensible choice"
    • "a sensible person"
  • 2. not excessive or extreme;

    • "a fairish income"
    • "reasonable prices"
  • 3. marked by sound judgment;

    • "sane nuclear policy"

Example sentences

  • As a concession to his reasonable demand, the doctor allowed him to work.

  • This was obviously a reasonable suggestion; it doesn't, however, find favor with the men.

  • This argument sounds reasonable, but actually it's incorrect.

  • You can't expect people who are in a class by themselves to be reasonable.

  • Your answer is not reasonable.

  • No reasonable negation can be offered.

  • I'll buy the car if the price is reasonable.

  • You must keep your hopes within reasonable bounds.

  • She seems like a reasonable person.

  • Fresh vegetables are reasonable in winter too.

  • Criticism should be entirely reasonable.

  • That seems a reasonable deduction.

  • He made me quite a reasonable offer, so I closed with him.

  • They advanced many reasonable proposals.

  • What you've said is reasonable. I'm convinced.

  • The masses are reasonable.

  • He advanced many reasonable proposals.

  • I'd better keep my spending within reasonable limits.

  • I thought their allegations but reasonable.

  • There is reasonable concordance between the two sets of results.

  • You must take all reasonable precautions to protect yourself and your family.

  • It is reasonable to assume that he knew beforehand that this would happen.

  • He had never been able to make a reasonable living from his writing.

  • It seems clear that he has no reasonable alternative.

  • Only a third of these households thought it reasonable to meter water.

  • Clearly that's an approximation, but my guess is there'll be a reasonable balance.

  • Oh, come on, be reasonable.

  • A run to Southampton showed the car was capable of a reasonable journey.

  • He is a mild man, who is reasonable almost to the point of blandness.

  • Their approach is to whittle away at the evidence to show reasonable doubt.

Synonym discrimination

  • rational, reasonable, sensible


Meaning of reasonable

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