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  • EN [ ri:'sɜ:kjʊ'leɪʃən]
  • US [ ri'sɜkjʊ'leɪʃən]

Example sentences

  • In addition, low NOX exhausting is realized by recirculation of external exhausting.

  • Why hot water recirculation has been virtually impossible for existing homes?

  • LABYRINTH WEAR RINGS - Minimize recirculation losses of cryogenic liquids.

  • Secondly, it caused the left river bank of Wuliu Channel's downstream to produce recirculation region.

  • Boiling water reactors normally have load - following capability, implemented by varying the recirculation water flow.

  • Nor should it be used in aquatic center recirculation lines, which receive low level bleach injection.

  • The recirculation limestone slurry feed loop is provided with a take - off to the absorber.

  • The heat recirculation zone tube's outer wall extends with the flow rate of the mixture.

  • Self - priming plastic magnetic pump adopts an outer recirculation structure combining foreign advanced technology.

  • The method of recirculation - and distillation was used to extract the effective constituent from Angelica.

  • Designed for 1400 F operation - duty models are equipped with a high CFM steel fan for recirculation.

Meaning of recirculation

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