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  • EN [ ˌresɪˈteɪʃn]
  • US [ ˌrɛsɪˈteʃən]

English definition


  • 1. written matter that is recited from memory

  • 2. a public instance of reciting or repeating (from memory) something prepared in advance;

    • "the program included songs and recitations of well-loved poems"
  • 3. a regularly scheduled session as part of a course of study

  • 4. systematic training by multiple repetitions;

    • "practice makes perfect"

Example sentences

  • If there are extenuating circumstances, you should make prior arrangements with your recitation instructor.

  • His recitation was cadenced and rich in feeling.

  • Answers to review questions will be discussed during recitation the same week they are.

  • Assignments will be issued in recitation and collected the following week.

  • Paper copies of visual presentation materials should be distributed before the recitation.

  • His singing and recitation are and clear; his performance and witty.

  • Ali's recitation was so good that she gave three encores.

  • The boy made many blunders as he stumbled through his recitation.

  • During this week's recitation section meeting , one member of each team gives 5 minute progress report.

  • The graded homework will be returned in the recitation sections.

  • Recitation problems cover material discussed in the corresponding lecture sessions.

  • Organized activities as conducting recitation contests and holding evening parties etc.

  • This section includes a sampling of the topics discussed during recitation.

  • Weekly meetings include an evening seminar and recitation.

  • At the end of week 13 , project reports begin in recitation section meeting.

  • His recitation was almost expressionless.

  • His ability in recitation is better than in our class.

  • At the end of week 13 , project reports begin in recitation section meeting.

  • You are expected to spend 4 waking hours a week lecture and recitation.

  • A : Yes , the teacher says recitation is real good.

  • Did you like recitation?

  • Modern Chan Society ; Amitabha Buddha Recitation Society; religious movements; sect ; charisma; tension; Li Yuansong.

  • There are more Recitation notes to be uploaded shortly.

  • She continued her recitation of the week's events.

  • The letter was short — a simple recitation of their problem.

  • The transmission began with a recitation from the Koran.


Meaning of recitation

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