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  • EN [ ˈrɒndɪvuː]
  • US [ ˈrɑːndɪvuː]

English definition


  • 1. a meeting planned at a certain time and place

  • 2. a place where people meet;

    • "he was waiting for them at the rendezvous"
  • 3. a date; usually with a member of the opposite sex


  • 1. meet at a rendezvous

Example sentences

  • He stands there, keeping a rendezvous.

  • John made his rendezvous with destiny when he met his future wife.

  • She made the rendezvous with only minutes to spare.

  • Tests indicate that the signal processor can meet the requirements of Rendezvous and Docking.

  • I have a rendezvous with Peter at a restaurant on the harbour.

  • In addition, five probes were sent to rendezvous with Halley's comet.

  • She was punctual to the rendezvous, and shouts of welcome greeted her on all sides.

  • This cafe is a rendezvous for writers and artists.

  • The caf é is a favorite rendezvous for artists.

  • Maybe it's one of our own ships out to rendezvous with a fleet unit.

  • Although it was late, there was still enough time to keep the rendezvous.

  • The family had two favorite rendezvous, the library and the garden.

  • He didn't tell me the rendezvous.

  • The cafe is a popular rendezvous for young lovers.

  • The rendezvous maneuver was a spectacular display of navigation that lasted for about 6 . 5 hours.

  • The two platoons will rendezvous in the woods as planned.

  • The Young Amelia was first at the rendezvous.

  • The mathematical model of guidance problems has significant sense for studying rendezvous and intercept problems.

  • Fortunately the first three seaplanes back at the rendezvous saw the submarine E 11.

  • That will change early next year when the 2 astronauts rendezvous at the International Space Station.

  • Rendezvous and docking stood fourth in the list of objectives.

  • It was a public lounge and a rendezvous.

  • a lively Paris rendezvous

  • He failed to keep a rendezvous after sensing a police trap.

  • She wondered where they were going to rendezvous afterwards.

  • It was the first occasion when they had both found it possible to keep a rendezvous.

  • I had almost decided to keep my rendezvous with Tony.

  • The plan was to rendezvous with him on Sunday afternoon.

  • Their rendezvous would be the Penta Hotel at Heathrow Airport.


Meaning of rendezvous

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