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  • EN [ raɪt]
  • US [ raɪt]

English definition


  • 1. an abstract idea of that which is due to a person or governmental body by law or tradition or nature;

    • "they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights"
    • "Certain rights can never be granted to the government but must be kept in the hands of the people"- Eleanor Roosevelt
    • "a right is not something that somebody gives you; it is something that nobody can take away"
  • 2. (frequently plural) the interest possessed by law or custom in some intangible thing;

    • "mineral rights"
    • "film rights"
  • 3. location near or direction toward the right side; i.e. the side to the south when a person or object faces east;

    • "he stood on the right"
  • 4. a turn to the right;

    • "take a right at the corner"
  • 5. those who support political or social or economic conservatism; those who believe that things are better left unchanged

  • 6. anything in accord with principles of justice;

    • "he feels he is in the right"
    • "the rightfulness of his claim"
  • 7. the hand that is on the right side of the body;

    • "he writes with his right hand but pitches with his left"
    • "hit him with quick rights to the body"
  • 8. the piece of ground in the outfield on the catcher's right


  • 1. make reparations or amends for;

    • "right a wrongs done to the victims of the Holocaust"
  • 2. put in or restore to an upright position;

    • "They righted the sailboat that had capsized"
  • 3. regain an upright or proper position;

    • "The capsized boat righted again"
  • 4. make right or correct;

    • "Correct the mistakes"
    • "rectify the calculation"


  • 1. free from error; especially conforming to fact or truth;

    • "the correct answer"
    • "the correct version"
    • "the right answer"
    • "took the right road"
    • "the right decision"
  • 2. being or located on or directed toward the side of the body to the east when facing north;

    • "my right hand"
    • "right center field"
    • "a right-hand turn"
    • "the right bank of a river is the bank on your right side when you are facing downstream"
  • 3. socially right or correct;

    • "it isn't right to leave the party without saying goodbye"
    • "correct behavior"
  • 4. in conformance with justice or law or morality;

    • "do the right thing and confess"
  • 5. correct in opinion or judgment;

    • "time proved him right"
  • 6. appropriate for a condition or occasion;

    • "everything in its proper place"
    • "the right man for the job"
    • "she is not suitable for the position"
  • 7. of or belonging to the political or intellectual right

  • 8. in or into a satisfactory condition;

    • "things are right again now"
    • "put things right"
  • 9. intended for the right hand;

    • "a right-hand glove"
  • 10. in accord with accepted standards of usage or procedure;

    • "what's the right word for this?"
    • "the right way to open oysters"
  • 11. having the axis perpendicular to the base;

    • "a right angle"
  • 12. of the side of cloth or clothing intended to face outward;

    • "the right side of the cloth showed the pattern"
    • "be sure your shirt is right side out"
  • 13. most suitable or right for a particular purpose;

    • "a good time to plant tomatoes"
    • "the right time to act"
    • "the time is ripe for great sociological changes"


  • 1. precisely, exactly;

    • "stand right here!"
  • 2. immediately;

    • "she called right after dinner"
  • 3. exactly;

    • "he fell flop on his face"
  • 4. toward or on the right; also used figuratively;

    • "he looked right and left"
    • "the party has moved right"
  • 5. in the right manner;

    • "please do your job properly!"
    • "can't you carry me decent?"
  • 6. an interjection expressing agreement

  • 7. completely;

    • "she felt right at home"
    • "he fell right into the trap"
  • 8. (Southern regional intensive) very;

    • "the baby is mighty cute"
    • "he's mighty tired"
    • "it is powerful humid"
    • "that boy is powerful big now"
    • "they have a right nice place"
  • 9. in accordance with moral or social standards;

    • "that serves him right"
    • "do right by him"
  • 10. in a correct manner;

    • "he guessed right"

Example sentences

  • A cause of action has accrued when the right to sue has become vested.

  • We found him to be the right sort of timber.

  • Production has already been put on the right track.

  • He asked his father for the car, but his father said right off that he couldn't have it.

  • She guessed the right answer at once.

  • This is the right fuse for the refrigerator.

  • He found the right niche for himself.

  • It was quite right of you to think that way.

  • If you find anything wrong with the machine, you should put it right at once.

  • Events since the elections have proved the skeptics right.

  • It'serves him right , he shouldn't have broken the rules.

  • Turn it more to the right.

  • Under the circumstances I feel it right that you should know.

  • He put the matter in the right light.

  • I don't think he acted quite right.

  • I can certainly assure you I'm looking after number one all right.

  • Keep to the right of the road.

  • Look, there it is, right under your nose!

  • If there are any words you think not right, just strike them through.

  • There was hardly any traffic and we drove right along till we got home.

  • You may think it's all right for you to shout, but you've woken everybody up.

  • Yes, I'll be going right away.

  • This isn't the right word to use here.

  • Someone is waiting for you at home . You'd better go back right now.

  • Are you leaving right away?

  • I see a hospital on my right hand.

  • He's got all the right qualifications but is temperamentally unsuitable.

  • Today every citizen aged eighteen or over has the right to vote.

Phrase collocation

  • bang ( 或北美

    (informal)(of a criminal) with positive proof of guilt

    • we've got you bang to rights handling stolen property.

  • be in the right

    be morally or legally justified in one's views, actions, or decisions

  • do right by

    treat (someone) fairly

  • in one's own right

    as a result of one's own claims, qualifications, or efforts, rather than an association with someone else

    • he was already established as a poet in his own right.

  • (not) in one's right mind

    (not) sane

  • not right in the head

    (informal)(of a person) not completely sane

  • (as) of right (或 by right)

    as a result of having a moral or legal claim or entitlement

    • the state will be obliged to provide health care and education as of right.

  • the right stuff

    the necessary qualities for a given task or job

    • he had the right stuff to enter this business.

  • put (或 set) someone right

    restore someone to health

    make someone understand the true facts of a situation

  • put (或 set) something to rights

    restore something to its correct or normal state or condition

  • (as) right as rain

    (informal)(of a person) feeling completely well or healthy, typically after an illness or minor accident

  • right (或 straight) away ( 或 非正式


  • right enough

    (informal)certainly; undeniably

    • your record's bad right enough.

  • right on

    (informal)used as an expression of strong support, approval, or encouragement


  • fly right

    • You must fly right when you get to the party.

    • He's my son.I want him to fly right.

  • bit of all right

    • A: " What's she like?" B: "The girl? Bit of all right,from her pictures

  • do right boys

    • Do-right boys patrol day and night guarding the highway.

Synonym discrimination

  • accurate, exact, precise, right, true, correct

  • right, privilege


Meaning of right

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