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  • EN [ rəʊp]
  • US [ roʊp]

English definition


  • 1. a strong line

  • 2. street names for flunitrazepan


  • 1. catch with a lasso;

    • "rope cows"
  • 2. fasten with a rope;

    • "rope the bag securely"

Example sentences

  • Sailors know how to wind up a long rope neatly.

  • He twisted the three ropes to make one very strong rope.

  • This is a rope of three strands.

  • It can take as long as eight days to rig up rope ladders and to establish supply bases before a descent can be made into a very deep cave.

  • The rope had twisted itself around the wheel, stopping the motor.

  • We'd better rope up for this difficult cliff.

  • The rope was befouled by weeds and sticks.

  • The fisherman cast off the rope and set the boat adrift.

  • Twist a length of rope from strands of hemp.

  • All I have to do in my job is answer the phone occasionally — it's money for old rope.

  • The stone was lifted by means of a rope and pulley.

  • He made a knot in the rope.

  • He cut desperately at the rope in an attempt to free his foot.

  • He hung on until the rope broke.

  • The rope hasn't been tied fast.

  • With a sweep of his sword he cut through the rope.

  • The rope broke, and the elevator plunged down to the ground.

  • My legs got hopelessly tangled in the rope.

  • They bound woods with rope.

  • The climbers were on the rope.

  • Give me a piece of rope, any length will do.

  • I want a rope long enough to go from here to there.

  • The sailor coiled the rope around the anchor.

  • He let himself down slowly by means of a rope.

  • Dancing on a rope is an acrobatic feat.

  • to sever a rope

  • the tensile strength of rope

  • The rope holding the boat suddenly tightened and broke.

  • The horse jumped forwards and round her, winding the rope round her waist.

  • He tied the rope around his waist.

Phrase collocation

  • give a man enough rope (或 plenty of rope) and he w

    (proverb)given enough freedom of action a person will bring about their own downfall

  • money for old rope

  • on the rope

    (Climbing)roped together

    • the technique of moving together on the rope.

  • a rope of sand

    (formal)used in allusion to something providing only illusory security or coherence

    • our union will become a mere rope of sand.

  • on the ropes

    &I{Sports} Knocked against the ropes that enclose a boxing ring.

    On the verge of defeat or collapse; hopeless or powerless.

  • the end of (one's) rope

    The limit of one's patience, endurance, or resources

    • After six months on strike, the workers were at the end of their rope.

Synonym discrimination

  • string, rope, line, cord, thread, wire

Meaning of rope

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