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  • EN [ raʊnd]
  • US [ raʊnd]

English definition


  • 1. a charge of ammunition for a single shot

  • 2. an interval during which a recurring sequence of events occurs;

    • "the neverending cycle of the seasons"
  • 3. a regular route for a sentry or policeman;

    • "in the old days a policeman walked a beat and knew all his people by name"
  • 4. (often plural) a series of professional calls (usually in a set order);

    • "the doctor goes on his rounds first thing every morning"
    • "the postman's rounds"
    • "we enjoyed our round of the local bars"
  • 5. the activity of playing 18 holes of golf;

    • "a round of golf takes about 4 hours"
  • 6. the usual activities in your day;

    • "the doctor made his rounds"
  • 7. (sports) a period of play during which one team is on the offensive

  • 8. the course along which communications spread;

    • "the story is going the rounds in Washington"
  • 9. a serving to each of a group (usually alcoholic);

    • "he ordered a second round"
  • 10. a cut of beef between the rump and the lower leg

  • 11. a partsong in which voices follow each other; one voice starts and others join in one after another until all are singing different parts of the song at the same time;

    • "they enjoyed singing rounds"
  • 12. an outburst of applause;

    • "there was a round of applause"
  • 13. a crosspiece between the legs of a chair

  • 14. any circular or rotating mechanism;

    • "the machine punched out metal circles"


  • 1. wind around; move along a circular course;

    • "round the bend"
  • 2. make round;

    • "round the edges"
  • 3. be around;

    • "Developments surround the town"
    • "The river encircles the village"
  • 4. pronounce with rounded lips

  • 5. attack in speech or writing;

    • "The editors of the left-leaning paper attacked the new House Speaker"
  • 6. bring to a highly developed, finished, or refined state;

    • "polish your social manners"
  • 7. express as a round number;

    • "round off the amount"
  • 8. become round, plump, or shapely;

    • "The young woman is fleshing out"


  • 1. having a circular shape

  • 2. (of sounds) full and rich;

    • "orotund tones"
    • "the rotund and reverberating phrase"
    • "pear-shaped vowels"
  • 3. (of numbers) to the nearest ten, hundred, or thousand;

    • "in round numbers"


  • 1. from beginning to end; throughout;

    • "It rains all year round on Skye"
    • "frigid weather the year around"

Example sentences

  • How do you demonstrate that the earth is round?

  • He has been hiking round Scotland for a month.

  • The children flocked round their teacher.

  • They'll catch a packet if they try to go round the points.

  • Turn the picture round to face the wall.

  • The sun appears to go round the Earth, but it's an illusion.

  • Shall we walk round to your aunt's house, or take the car?

  • Our task is to supply vegetables all the year round.

  • The people crowded round the scene of the accident.

  • Pull the wire tight and then twist the ends round.

  • I haven't got enough candies to go round.

  • Mother ran round the room shaking up all the cushions when the doorbell rang.

  • The colts and calves are gambolling round the stockman.

  • People crowded round the player with congratulations.

  • The boxer polished off his opponent in the first round.

  • I found the cheapest price for enlarging the photograph by ringing round all the photographic dealers.

  • The earth revolves both round the sun and on its own axis.

  • The fashion at the time moulded round the upper part of the body.

  • I really had a hard time in the second round, the man I played against was too much for me.

  • There are several solutions round this.

  • The white plate is banded with a blue line round the edge.

  • That team went out in the first round.

  • They're looking round the Russian pavilion.

  • He sailed round the globe.

  • She's beginning to get wrinkles round her eyes.

  • People quickly congregated round the speaker.

  • She was wearing a string of green beads round her neck.

  • He invited us round for drinks.

  • Now please turn round.

  • You must have been round the twist to walk across the electric railway tracks.

Phrase collocation

  • round on

    To turn on and assail.

  • round up

    To seek out and bring together; gather.

    To herd (cattle) together from various places.

  • go the round (或 rounds)

    (of a story or joke) be passed on from person to person

  • round about

    on all sides or in all directions; surrounding someone or something

    • everything round about was covered with snow.

    at a point or time approximately equal to

    • they arrived round about nine.

  • round the bend

    • they arrived round about nine.

  • round the twist

    • they arrived round about nine.

  • round something off

    make the edges or corners of something smooth

    • round off the spars with a soft plastic fitting.

  • round something out

    make something more complete

    • his father insisted he went to university to round out his education.

  • round someone/thing up

    drive or collect a number of people or animals together for a particular purpose

    • in the afternoon the cows are rounded up for milking.

  • in the round

    With the stage in the center of the audience.

    Fully shaped so as to stand free of a background

    • a sculpture in the round.

  • make the rounds 或 go the rounds

    To go from place to place, as on business or for entertainment

    • a delivery truck making the rounds; students going the rounds in the entertainment district.

    To be communicated or passed from person to person

    • The news quickly made the rounds. A piece of juicy gossip is going the rounds.

Synonym discrimination

  • about, around, round


Meaning of round

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