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  • EN [ ˈskɔːrə(r)]
  • US [ ˈskɔːrər]

English definition


  • 1. a player who makes a score in a game or contest

  • 2. a logger who marks trees to be felled

  • 3. an official who records the score during the progress of a game

Example sentences

  • Officials of a table tennis tournament include umpire, service line umpire and scorer.

  • He bragged that he was the highest scorer.

  • He's Manchester's top scorer.

  • At Chelsea, the best scorer is a midfielder, that means this is a problem somewhere.

  • In fact she's the fourth highest scorer.

  • The only person even to make a vague effort to mark the scorer was Michael Essien.

  • In a consecutive season, he was the leading scorer with an average of 21.

  • Roger Milla holds the record for the oldest goal scorer in a FIFA World Cup?

  • He was 18 when he came to Israel and at 19 he was the top scorer.

  • Let's face it, he's a scorer.

  • Nordhal was a scoring machine, being top scorer in Serie A on 5 occassions.

  • Rush time leading scorer with 346 goals in 660 games during two stints at Anfield.

  • He shared the honour of being the season's top scorer with Andy Cole.

  • I personally received the prize for best player of the tournament and top scorer.

  • A goal from Ronaldo would see him become the most prolific scorer in the tournament's history.

  • No matter whether we perfect solution, check fingers, that is no longer good scorer.

  • No. 5 is a top scorer.

  • The adidas Golden Shoe is awarded to the top scorer at the FIFA World Cup.

  • He's Guo An's top scorer.

  • United's top scorer

  • Another prolific scorer is Dean Saunders.

  • Whittingham, the League's top scorer, had an off day, missing three good chances.

  • He was Italy's top scorer during the World Cup matches.

Meaning of scorer

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