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  • EN [ ˈskrɔːni]
  • US [ ˈskrɔːni]

English definition


  • 1. having unattractive thinness;

    • "a child with skinny freckled legs"
    • "a long scrawny neck"
  • 2. inferior in size or quality;

    • "scrawny cattle"
    • "scrubby cut-over pine"
    • "old stunted thorn trees"

Example sentences

  • Lily wants a beefcake for a boyfriend and not some scrawny shrimp.

  • In the neighbourhood of the elephant shed, there was a scrawny, poorly fed, stray dog.

  • He [ had ] a long , scrawny neck that rose out of a very low collarWinston Churchill.

  • They were convalescing slowly and lay scrawny and weak in their bed.

  • Piers was a scrawny boy a face a rat.

  • And another construction worker is small and scrawny.

  • A damned mule,'she repeated, looking indignantly at the scrawny beast.

  • For more than an hour a scrawny guy sat at bar staring into his glass.

  • I'll wring your scrawny neck for you , Will Scarlett!

  • He also noticed five scrawny children peeking at him from behind various pieces of furniture.

  • Perhaps , the scientists thought, the same would hold true for scrawny specimens versus the truly buff.

  • But a scrawny fawn stood there on shaky legs, looking right at me.

  • A few scrawny chickens were scratching around the yard.

  • Christine put an arm around him, aware of his scrawny shoulders.

  • He goes into the freezer and discovers that there's only scrawny turkey left.

  • And also let the mother of scrawny to eat.

  • And another construction worker is and scrawny.

  • The scrawny kitten lingered, brushing itself against our legs, and meowing plaintively.

  • Amazingly, one in 50 wished they looked like scrawny junkie rocker Pete Doherty.

  • I want a beefcake for a boyfriend and not some scrawny shrimp.

  • Hmm, I thought. This little brown scrawny thing is kind of cute after all.

  • Eric Seal thought the scrawny puppy at his feet was perhaps five weeks old.

  • The vulture extended his scrawny neck.



Meaning of scrawny

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