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  • EN [ ˈsɪəriəl]
  • US [ ˈsɪriəl]

English definition


  • 1. a serialized set of programs;

    • "a comedy series"
    • "the Masterworks concert series"
  • 2. a periodical that appears at scheduled times


  • 1. in regular succession without gaps;

    • "serial concerts"
  • 2. pertaining to or composed in serial technique;

    • "serial music"
  • 3. pertaining to or occurring in or producing a series;

    • "serial monogamy"
    • "serial killing"
    • "a serial killer"
    • "serial publication"
  • 4. of or relating to the sequential performance of multiple operations;

    • "serial processing"

Example sentences

  • After demodulation, receive dates will be sent to PC by CAN bus or the serial port.

  • Communication Instrument: Including Series of 5110 serial Wire Analyzer and 5260 optical communication serial product.

  • Serial interface : An interface that is only able to pass information in serial form.

  • We call them maniacs, serial murderers.

  • The partial serial communication program is given, which has been used in remote testing system.

  • These are serial numbers.

  • The presented absolute optical encoder is based on a serial encoding method with single code detector.

  • Configuration methods by bootstrap via serial port, UDP protocol, HTTP protocol and DHCP protocol are also discussed.

  • But serial communications package better, also simple to use.

  • For Machinery and Equipment, brand name, model number , serial number, quantity, unit price are exactly required.

  • Firmware download and debugging online was the work of the serial interface C program.

  • Register your product or service including finding and reading the serial number of your product.

  • Using OXCF 950 chip, serial interface is set by use of E 2 PROM within oxcf 950.

  • Aeroengine distributed simulation systems based on both serial components level and parallel engines level are developed.

  • PC, the main serial port, universal serial auxiliary automated test programs.

  • That's a radio serial in ten parts.

  • But Windows also provided a powerful API function enables users to indirect control of serial communications.

  • Writes a specified number of characters to the serial port using data a buffer.

  • Then a serial of blood indices including D D, PLT, PAgT, GMP 140 were measured.

  • A new serial is starting on television tonight.

  • The serial rapist has struck again.

  • Currency notes bear serial numbers.

  • The first part of the serial ended with a real cliffhanger.

  • tasks carried out in the same serial order

  • All the bills had the same serial number. The cash was counterfeit.

  • He could never ever give any responses to his captor other than name, rank, serial number and date of birth.


Meaning of serial

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