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  • EN [ ˈsekʃuəl]
  • US [ ˈsekʃuəl]

English definition


  • 1. of or relating to or characterized by sexuality;

    • "sexual orientation"
    • "sexual distinctions"
  • 2. having or involving sex;

    • "sexual reproduction"
    • "sexual spores"
  • 3. involved in a sexual relationship;

    • "the intimate (or sexual) relations between husband and wife"
    • "she had been intimate with many men"

Example sentences

  • He was a person of gross sexual appetites.

  • She was herself a vehement protagonist of sexual equality.

  • He had committed a minor sexual indiscretion.

  • It is socially irresponsible to refuse young people advice on sexual matters.

  • She exudes sexual magnetism.

  • sexual acts, normal and perverted

  • They were not having a sexual relationship at the time.

  • Older people will have grown up in a time of greater sexual prudishness.

  • Any case of sexual molestation of a child should be reported to the police.

  • I will refer to child abuse generically (which includes physical, sexual, and emotional abuse and neglect).

  • Three admirals and a top Navy civilian will be cited for failing to act on reports of sexual assaults.

  • His sexual orientation was a lot more gay than straight.

  • They set up a spurious temple that was a cover for sexual debauchery.

  • Girls generally reach sexual maturity two years earlier than boys.

  • She still ached for the lost intimacy and sexual contact of marriage.

  • Police have arrested a suspect in a series of killings and sexual assaults in the city.

  • He had been engaging in some kind of kinky sexual activity.

  • Such a view implies that our bodies and sexual nature are inherently ungodly.

  • He has recently urged more tolerance of sexual promiscuity.

  • The amendment will force senators to show where they stand on the issue of sexual harassment.

  • Genes are those tiny bits of biological information swapped in sexual reproduction.

  • Mr Black went for the jugular, asking intimate sexual questions.

  • Normative sexual behaviour in our society remains heterosexual.

  • Other psychoanalysts do accept the reality of child sexual abuse.

  • The American Female Reform Society promoted sexual purity.

  • Religious dogmas often include strong sexual taboos and can create in children the impression that sex is sinful.

  • Sexual harassment of women workers by their bosses is believed to be widespread.

  • Your body contains many erogenous zones, areas that lead to a feeling of sexual excitement when they are caressed.

  • The Chief Constable said that sexual harassment was deplorable.

  • Sexual harassment, that's against the law. Something should be done about it.


Meaning of sexual

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