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  • EN [ ʃʌv]
  • US [ ʃʌv]

English definition


  • 1. the act of shoving (giving a push to someone or something);

    • "he gave the door a shove"


  • 1. come into rough contact with while moving;

    • "The passengers jostled each other in the overcrowded train"
  • 2. push roughly;

    • "the people pushed and shoved to get in line"
  • 3. press or force;

    • "Stuff money into an envelope"
    • "She thrust the letter into his hand"

Example sentences

  • No , I can't. Mama gives me a shove.

  • The crowd was very thick, but we managed to shove though.

  • He pushed the boat off with a shove of the pole.

  • China will shove Germany pedestal as the world's biggest exporter.

  • He gave me a shove.

  • How much money do you actually need to take this job and shove it?

  • Did you shove your arm in his mouth to quiet his screams?

  • When I give the command, everybody shove out together!

  • The surplus will shove the price down from a dollar to 60 cents.

  • [ Jefferies'Voice ] because you want to shove your rotten cock up her juicy ass.

  • If you pull, I'll shove.

  • Don't shove the boring jobs off onto other people.

  • Help me shove the furniture aside.

  • I remembered once in parties of sea when people had a fight, they push and shove.

  • The car won't start, can u give it a shove?

  • I threw my right leg about her legs and gave her a shove, tripping her.

  • Then suddenly , Old Grizzly gave Brown Bear a big shove.

  • Give it a shove!

  • Help me shove this furniture aside.

  • Don't shove the job off onto others.

  • When push comes to shove, only your true friends will still stand by you.

  • You aren't wanted here, so shove off!

  • We must just shove everything in anyhow, we can repack later.

  • Taipei Main Station is always crowded and people sometimes push and shove.

  • She will not shove the heavy load onto others.

  • Lambert gave Luckwell a hefty shove to send him on his way.

  • If push comes to shove, if you should lose your case in the court, what will you do?

  • She gave Gracie a shove towards the house.

  • Will you stuff the turkey and shove it in the oven for me?

  • When push comes to shove, you are on your own.

Phrase collocation

  • shove up

    move oneself to make room for someone

  • shove off

    To push (a boat) away from shore in leaving.

    &I{Informal} To leave.


  • when push comes to shove

    • When push comes to shove,you know I'll be on your side.

Synonym discrimination

  • propel, push, shove, thrust


Meaning of shove

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