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  • EN [ ʃrʌɡ]
  • US [ ʃrʌɡ]

English definition


  • 1. a gesture involving the shoulders


  • 1. raise one's shoulders to indicate indifference or resignation

Example sentences

  • He gave a shrug of the shoulders.

  • He celebrated with a shrug and a jog in front of the now silent Levski fans.

  • This great shrug has black rosettes at the end.

  • With a shrug, he went out of the room.

  • After listening to the young man's account, he shrugged him shoulders and left a shrug.

  • Joey and Monica look at each other and shrug.

  • Coach Phil Jackson could only shrug and smile.

  • So a shrug of her shoulders she tackled the advertising assignment she needed to complete.

  • Now he seems determined to shrug off such worries.

  • He meant to shrug her off but he ended up clinging to her instead.

  • The two look at each other, shrug and exchange sandwiches.

  • Never give me a smile, or even a shrug.

  • It is wrong to shrug off this kind of disease.

  • She dances in a ring of fire And throw off the challenge with a shrug.

  • Never rat. If your parents ask about bruises, shrug.

  • Shrug your shoulders! Teddy Bear. Shrug your shoulders! Teddy Bear.

  • It took me a long time to shrug off the effect of a drug.

  • You showed me your love, you a shrug.

  • Let's shrug and say, " I like the way you tried so hard. "

  • I can leave with a cheerful shrug and never look back.

  • I suspect the vast majority of the population will simply shrug and go about their lives.

  • You tend to thrive on your own and shrug off most affection.

  • She brushed off every suggestion with a shrug and raised eyebrows.

  • As usual they would cast the blame upon the woman and shrug at the man's guilt.

  • He shrug his low opinion of the occupant of the room.

  • He gave a feeble shrug and tried to squirm free.

  • Erica made a little deprecating shrug.

  • Mme Arlette gave a Gallic shrug.

  • "I suppose so," said Anna with a shrug.

Phrase collocation

  • shrug sth off/aside

  • shrug sb/sth off/away

  • shrug off

    To minimize the importance of

    • shrugged off the defeat and talked about tonight's game.

    To get rid of

    • shrug off a burden.

    To wriggle out of (clothing).


Meaning of shrug

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