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  • EN [ ˈsɪblɪŋ]
  • US [ ˈsɪblɪŋ]

English definition


  • 1. a person's brother or sister

Example sentences

  • Returns a collection of the sibling elements before this node, in document order.

  • Sibling rivalry is inevitable. The only way to avoid it is to have one child.

  • Bob: She was there, and she looked as young as my sibling.

  • Sibling ravalry has been common in this family.

  • But when we fight it's kinda like sibling rivalry.

  • When there's a new baby in the family, an older sibling may become angry or jealous.

  • In an industry looking for a boost, a little sibling rivalry will be welcome.

  • Sibling rivalry is part of the original sin.

  • Gordon: Sis, why don't we have a sibling rivalry?

  • The longstanding sibling rivalry between Hong Kong and Shanghai has intensified in recent years.

  • Akik Your friendship is like a sibling relationship?

  • Molly: They have a real sibling rivalry going on.

  • Inspiring , wise , humorous, and heartwarming, these books are the perfect gifts for that very special sibling.

  • If you've a favor to ask a sibling or neighbor, here's aa little sugar on it.

  • And my cruel sibling.

  • One child can thus be genetically susceptible and his or her sibling not.

  • It only returns the very next sibling, not all next siblings.

  • Pluto is quite supportive to this new moon from sibling and neighbor's house.

  • Sibling relationships also influence children's peer status and peer relationships.

  • He believed he had an older and younger sibling but can't remember their names.

  • Do your parents, grandparents or sibling ever had any of the following?

  • JAMIE METZL We have a friendly sibling rivalry, which I think inspires us and pushes us.

  • She's my only sibling. I must protect her. What did she want from you?

  • Starting offset of the field relative to the previous sibling or delimiter.

  • And a little bit of sibling rivalry doesn't hurt, either.

  • Sibling rivalry ? Very interesting! You sure you hate your brother that much?

  • A sibling or spouse may fulfill this role.

  • Somebody you spend timewith anyway, such as a colleague, sibling etc.

  • The function in the example above checks the node type of the previous sibling node.

  • Sibling rivalry often causes parents anxieties.


Meaning of sibling

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