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  • EN [ ˈsɪmpl]
  • US [ ˈsɪmpl]

English definition


  • 1. any herbaceous plant having medicinal properties

  • 2. a person lacking intelligence or common sense


  • 1. having few parts; not complex or complicated or involved;

    • "a simple problem"
    • "simple mechanisms"
    • "a simple design"
    • "a simple substance"
  • 2. easy and not involved or complicated;

    • "an elementary problem in statistics"
    • "elementary, my dear Watson"
    • "a simple game"
    • "found an uncomplicated solution to the problem"
  • 3. apart from anything else; without additions or modifications;

    • "only the bare facts"
    • "shocked by the mere idea"
    • "the simple passage of time was enough"
    • "the simple truth"
  • 4. exhibiting childlike simplicity and credulity;

    • "childlike trust"
    • "dewy-eyed innocence"
    • "simple courtesy"
  • 5. lacking mental capacity and devoid of subtlety

  • 6. (botany) of leaf shapes; of leaves having no divisions or subdivisions

  • 7. not elaborate in style; unornamented;

    • "a simple country schoolhouse"
    • "her black dress--simple to austerity"

Example sentences

  • Every organ of state must apply the principle of efficient and simple administration.

  • Don't be naive. The matter is not so simple.

  • They treated us with simple food.

  • The scientist elucidated his theory by three simple demonstrations.

  • It's easy for you to say that, but actually it is not so simple.

  • I pity you if you can't answer such a simple question!

  • Goodness is simple, badness manifold.

  • Despite its immensity, it is both simple and elegant, fulfilling its designer's dream to create'an enormous object drawn as faintly as possible.

  • The amoeba is a very simple organism.

  • It's laziness, pure and simple.

  • He is a simple and well liked man.

  • He has a rudimentary ability to read, but he can only read simple words.

  • He was as simple as a child.

  • There is no simple remedy for unemployment.

  • He whittled a simple toy from the piece of wood.

  • There was everything from simple piano to a full orchestral finish. The full monty.

  • The room remains simple with bare, stippled green walls.

  • Ritter was a very complex man but Marius was the opposite, a simple farmer.

  • There is, in my view, a simple explanation.

  • The decor is simple—black lacquer panels on white walls.

  • Surgical waiting lists were reduced by the simple expedient of striking off all patients awaiting varicose vein operations.

  • I cut my purchases dramatically by the simple expedient of destroying my credit cards.

  • But most troubling of all was the simple fact that nobody knew what was going on.

  • It would be most ungracious and impolite to refuse a simple invitation to supper with him.

  • The video explains in simple terms how the new tax works.

  • She's ready to learn simple addition and subtraction.

  • If only it were that simple!

Synonym discrimination

  • foolish, silly, stupid, simple, dull

  • simple, easy


Meaning of simple

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