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  • EN [ 'skɜ:tɪŋ]
  • US [ 'skɜtɪŋ]

English definition


  • 1. being all around the edges; enclosing;

    • "his encircling arms"
    • "the room's skirting board needs painting"

Example sentences

  • We shall be skirting the island on our way.

  • Skirting the lotus pond, far and near, high and low, are trees among which willows predominate.

  • Appointed mechanical engineering for drive, skirting , cover design and escalator nonstandard design.

  • Silk series and every kind of table cloth napkin, skirting, table cover!

  • High - foaming skirting are also very good quality products.

  • The room's skirting board needs painting.

  • Some Sailor, skirting foreign shores -- Some pale Reporter, from the awful doors Before the Seal!

  • Wearisome as this topic has become , Mr Maitland achieves nothing by skirting it.

  • Does not damage the material, especially adapted to be used alongside skirting board.

  • General composite floor, including the purchase of the installation costs, while skirting board and be close.

  • Table cloth and skirting must be well pressed without any stain and holes.


Meaning of skirting

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